Mo' Better Banners

Sample from iTunes Banner Builder

Gods, I hate advertising. I hate marketing. But I hate obscurity and poverty even more, I suppose.

I need to promote the books (The Agility of Clouds, and The Fury of Storms) that so many have spent so much time editing, illustrating, and, for my part, so much blood, sweat and tears writing. I have a new book in the series in production, so now is the time.

Create a Widget for iTunes

I went on over to Apple's iTunes website to work on some marketing. I found a way to create widgets for my books at

As you can see from the graphic, I just had to choose from the type of widget I wanted, and then select the book I wanted to highlight. I then copied and pasted the code for the widgets in this here website, and violets!

How to Write Books and Alienate People

 I decided to publish my own books—nothing new about that, I've been doing it for a while—but now I have a plan.You see, at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, I talked to a brilliant author and lovely human being who said, "NO WAY!" to the idea of publishing a new book every six months. She's probably right.But... But...I have a plan. Really, I do! 

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