new novel

Independent Publishing, Say What You Will...

I wrote a guest post for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers about publishing my own novel, The Agility of Clouds: then, lo!

The Agility of Clouds: One-sheet to rule them all!

The Agility of Clouds one sheet

Here's the 'one sheet' for my #newnovel 

The New Cover for the New Novel

Agility of Clouds cover image

My #newnovel has an ARC. It has a cover! It has a life of its own, now. Fly, little book! Fly! #agilityofclouds 

Lady Seramis Free Preview

The new iPhone app (approval, release and karma pending): Lady Seramis Free Preview needs a home on the Internets, so here it is!I created the app to promote the upcoming release of my new Novel, The Agility of Clouds.More on both to follow...

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