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Monday, June 8, 2015 - 18:00

How to Write Books and Alienate People

 I decided to publish my own books—nothing new about that, I've been doing it for a while—but now I have a plan.You see, at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, I talked to a brilliant author and lovely human being who said, "NO WAY!" to the idea of publishing a new book every six months. She's probably right.But... But...I have a plan. Really, I do! 


Will This Winter Ever End?

The Fury of Storms

The finishing touches on the new book! This story breaks the barriers of time...

All This Tech

Today, I just installed a new pen and tablet for my computer. (Last night, I installed new headlight bulbs; guess which installation went more smoothly...) But I'm looking forward to digitized drawing. And coming soon: new webcomics!


Why I write

The talented and prolific Patricia Stoltey has generously allowed me to write a post about what it means to me to write! Please drop by and leave a comment!

So Grateful

Wow. I'm so fortunate and so grateful that people are so generous. The Kickstarter has generated excitement and momentum! can't wait to get busy fulfilling those rewards!

Independent Publishing, Say What You Will...

I wrote a guest post for Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers about publishing my own novel, The Agility of Clouds: then, lo!

Lessons on music in Denver

Before (5 years old next year). Before Databoy and even before Cyber Soul. I studied composition as a music student at Metropolitan State College of Denver (now Metropolitan State University of Denver—ooh). Today, I ran into one of Metro's professors: Walter Barr. I didn't know him, when I was a kid, but I heard he taught the hottest Jazz Band in Bear Creek High School. When I went to Metro State, he joined the faculty before eventually heading the Department of Music.

The Agility of Clouds: One-sheet to rule them all!

The Agility of Clouds one sheet

Here's the 'one sheet' for my #newnovel 

The Agility of Clouds Launch

And today we launch! The Agility of Clouds, Volume One of the Helleborine Chronicles, is now available.

Monday, September 1, 2014 - 06:00


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