Mo' Better Banners

Sample from iTunes Banner Builder

Gods, I hate advertising. I hate marketing. But I hate obscurity and poverty even more, I suppose.

I need to promote the books (The Agility of Clouds, and The Fury of Storms) that so many have spent so much time editing, illustrating, and, for my part, so much blood, sweat and tears writing. I have a new book in the series in production, so now is the time.

I wrote earlier ( about using iTunes' publicly available Widget Builder, so I gave the following a try:

I can't say I'm impressed with the results. Of course, you can see the results here, because they work and I wanted to replace the default Google ads with links selling the books themselves. However, I truly want something with more personality.

So, watch this space as I dive into iAd Producer and AdWords as I start polluting the Interwebz with what is in such desperate short supply: advertising.