First Fanfiction ("The Rikers")

Based on asides casually dropped by Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis in an interview with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation at Comic-con on the occasion of their Thirtieth Anniversary, I present to you:

The Rikers

And now, part one of a teleplay...

Cold Open

Deanna Riker, nee Troi, is setting at a desk, working in a well-lit, 24th-century office.

Cut to shadows in hallway outside of office. A dark figure is muttering in Klingon.


I can hear you!


Deanna pauses. Out in the hall, the dark figure appears silhouetted against an interior door.


I'm not afraid! I've faced horrors worse than you. The Borg, smelly spandex unitards...


The door opens. A figure in Klingon armor steps through the door. The light reveals her to be a Ferengi, however...

Magos [the Ferengi who thinks she's a Klingon]

Your exploits are legendary, Deanna Troi...



It's Deanna Riker, now. And aren't you a little short for a Klingon?


Magos thrusts out her considerable chest, enhanced by a cleavage window in her armor like Bator's from Star Trek Generations.


Judge me by my size, do you?


Cue theme. Intro: THE RIKERS