All This Tech

Today, I just installed a new pen and tablet for my computer. (Last night, I installed new headlight bulbs; guess which installation went more smoothly...) But I'm looking forward to digitized drawing. And coming soon: new webcomics!

Last month, I used this same computer to write a novel. Due next September, The Baroness Le Strange is the third volume in The Helleborine Chronicles. Of course, that series got its start with The Agility of Clouds.

Six months ago today, I released my first free game on the App Store, Airship Agility. I'm about to start my next game (also, free!) and should be available in March. The app dropped during Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, where I was introduced to a new programming language, Swift. Another language to learn! And I'm still not fluent in any of the languages I already know—Google is like a dictionary!

A year ago, I was putting the finishing touches on a new infomatics dashboard for PlayerLync, to be used by Starz Entertainment executives. My Hollywood debut was more pixelated than I had imagined when I was a child...